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<< 2. Quick Start Guide >>

This section provides   the necessary information to quickly setup BlackMagic on your computer, and acquire the skills to complete a basic photo colouring project. Each sub-section deals with a specific stage, as per descriptions below. You may either reference the guide in order by clicking on the <<Previous Topic>> & <<Next Topic>> links, or jump directly to a topic. The former is recommended.


2.1 -> Setup, Starting BlackMagic & getting an Image

Outlines important tasks of installing, setting-up, and opening an image (to colour) in BlackMagic.

2.2 -> Simple Colouring Operations

Gets you started colouring your first photo by using basic tools and palettes.

2.3 -> Saving & Printing

A guide to how you can print and save your colourized art pieces.

2.4 -> Advanced Tips & Tricks

Quick look at some more advanced operations to get you on the way to colourizing more complex photos.


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