Convert black and white photos into real life-like color, in just a few minutes *Simple operation - child's play, yet a photo artist's envy *Results that rival even original color snaps *Based on Timebrush RLC technology used to colorize black and white movies *Great gift for anyone on any occasion

Blackmagic / RLC technology has received raving reviews and featured in several renowned publications and trade events - including Adobe Photoshop  Focus Guide, PC Utilities, Computer Arts, Your Family Tree, The Family History Show 2004 London, Film Mart 2005  Hong Kong, FICCI frames 2005 and several others

See all blackmagic awards & reviews


Colorization is the art of adding Color to monochromatic photos such as black and white, sepia tone, infra red [ IR ], etc. Coloring of black & white photographs has been in practice for quite some time. Originally, it used to be done straight on to the picture negative. With the advent of computers and graphics programs it became possible to add hues to a scanned version of a print. NeuralTek pioneered a new system in 1999 called "Real-Life-Colour", which for the first time made it possible to obtain Colorized results to rival even the original Color photographs. With RealLifeColor™ technology, Coloring of pictures has also become quite simple and time efficient, making the process fun to use and enjoyable.
BlackMagic is a shareware graphics software utility based on the RealLifeColor palettes. BlackMagic allows one to easily convert black & white photos to REAL life-like Color.  BlackMagic is a great tool for photography hobbyists & professionals, or anyone who wishes to Colorize monochromatic
makes a great gift for anyone, on any occasion.

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Sample photo images Colorized with BlackMagic 

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BlackMagic photo coloring software for Windows Vista/ XP/ 98SE
current Rel 2.85 from US$49 + free updates for 1 year


product description

different blackmagic editions

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feedback or questions - Call +61 408 268762

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BlackMagic is a photo coloring software for PC Windows, released as shareware; it is used to colorize Black & White, BlackMagic virtual box-shot Sepia, or IR (infrared) photos, or to Color-correct ones with faded or inappropriate colors. Being extremely simple to use, its a software that transcends age and professional  boundaries, providing an immense sense of achievement, pride and satisfaction for kids and adults alike. The resulting Colorized photos have optimally saturated and consistent, correct hues - giving the appearance as if the photo had originally been 'shot' in color! BlackMagic delivers such professional grade results with the minimum of fuss, and just a few minutes worth of effort. BlackMagic incorporates "TimeBrush™ RLC [RealLifeColour]™" standard. The TimeBrush RLC technology was specifically created for colorizing black & white motion pictures of the Hollywood fame. This feature provides BlackMagic the ability to render superb, rich, vibrant looking colors, that are not under/ over saturated, yet look completely natural.

Colorizing Photos - the ISSUES

Colorizing black & white photos can get quite involving, depending upon the quality and sophistication of the results desired. The process involved can be very tedious and challenging, taking a day [often several] to completely colorize a single black & white photograph to professional grade quality. The typical 'paint' computer programs usually require the operator to select individual hue [color], opacity [transparency], etc., for coloring a specific portion of the photo. This is further compounded by the need to 'guess' the right hue/ saturation values to color a certain object, which can take several hit-and-trial iterations, with no guarantee of a 'best' match.

The whole process may need to be repeated hundreds of times over to finish a single photograph...even then, the results often leave much to be desired, and rarely resemble the 'real life colors' that we are used to seeing in color photographs Even with all the professional care and sophistication, it is common to get results depicting improper color matches, over saturated colors, dull/ faded colors, or over-emphasized/ blurred edges.

The BlackMagic Difference

BlackMagic resolves all of the above problems associated with colorizing black & white photos, and more. The system uses state-of-the-art Neural Net algorithms to provide dynamic parameterisation. This means that the user is not required to pick specific color hues or the associated values/ parameters - she/ he works by simply identifying the 'type of object' to be colored. BlackMagic then automatically performs the needed calculations to continuously vary all required parameters, based on the content of the photograph/ region being colorized - all done in the background transparent to the user. This process ensures consistent as well as optimal selection of hue, brightness, saturation, opacity, etc. for colorizing any object/ region of the image, without the guess work that would otherwise have been required.

BlackMagic provides several tools, to most expeditiously apply RealLifeColor palettes to a monochromatic image. It is available in several versions, to suit every budget and need.




BlackMagic is available in following flavors to suit different requirement levels:

HE - Home Edition is a low priced consumer version suited for home PC users, this edition of BlackMagic provides a fun way to colorize black & white photos from the family album, or to re-color the ones that did not come out quite right. BlackMagic HE supports a maximum processing resolution of one mega pixel, suited for printing at approximately half of A4/ Letter sizes (similar in size to 6" X 4" photo prints) on most consumer-end Color printers (such as Color photo ink-jet printers).

BE - Business Edition is primarily aimed at small businesses that need to colorize photographs and images for in-house use. This edition of BlackMagic allows for processing at up to 4M-pixel image resolutions for higher resolution prints. The Business Edition also offers additional functionality, tools, and palettes over the HE version.

PE - Professional Edition is the ultimate photo-Colorization tool, and offers a rich set of tools and palettes for an unprecedented level of productivity in colorization projects. The PE version supports processing at any resolution (limited only by the computer's resources). It offers additional features and functionality over Home or Business Editions, and will suit artists, photography enthusiasts, or photo processing/ restoration studios.

Irrespective of the edition you choose, Blackmagic makes for a unique gift on any occasion, or an invaluable addition to your software tool set. Photos Colorized using BlackMagic are indeed masterpieces that you create; the results are sure to provide a tremendous sense of achievement, pride, and satisfaction, besides delivering professionally restored family heirlooms to be admired by generations to come.

BlackMagic offers a vary attractive ROI, considering that getting a single Black & White photo Colorized from a photo-studio may cost between US$ 50 - 500.

All BlackMagic Editions come with full on-line help/ tutorial, web/ e-mail support, and free product updates within the same major release.




The following table provides a detailed price/ feature comparison between different BlackMagic Editions.

Supported OS versions: Windows Vista, XP, NT, Me, 2000, 98SE

BlackMagic Version 2.85 Price/ Feature Comparison

Home Edition

Business Edition

Professional Edition

Current Price  [ex local taxes]

from US$49


from US$99


from US$199


On-line Help & Tutorial

Full + Pop-up

Full + Pop-up

Full + Pop-up

Common Image Operations

Load, Scan, SaveAs, Print, LoadAsGray, Invert (convert from neg)

1 MegaPixel Max Processing Resolution

Load, Scan, SaveAs, Print, LoadAsGray, Invert (convert from neg)

4 MegaPixel Max Processing Resolution

Load, Scan, SaveAs, Print, LoadAsGray, Invert (convert from neg)

Un-limited Processing Resolution, Max Resolution Limit selectable

Supported Image Formats

Windows BMP (load & save), JPEG (load & save)

Windows BMP (load & save), JPEG (load & save)

Windows BMP (load & save), JPEG (load & save)

Rendering Tools

Selector, Eraser, Smart Paint-brush, Selection-paint, Magic Touch-paint

Selector, Eraser, Smart Paint-brush, Selection-paint, Magic Touch-paint

Selector, Eraser, Smart Paint-brush, Selection-paint, Magic Touch-paint

Rendering Tools - Options

Overwrite/ Layered Mode, Brush Size & Shape selector, Brush Selectivity control, Quick Brush Size/ Shape selections

Overwrite/ Layered Mode, Brush Size & Shape selector, Brush Selectivity control, Quick Brush Size/ Shape selections, Magic Touch-paint Integration control

Overwrite/ Layered Mode, Brush Size & Shape selector, Brush Selectivity control, Quick Brush Size/ Shape selections, Magic Touch-paint Integration control

Current Selection Display

Tool & Hue

Tool & Hue

Tool & Hue

Image Window Information Displays

Image width & height, X & Y coordinates, RGB component values at cursor, Hue at cursor

Image width & height, X & Y coordinates, RGB component values at cursor, Hue at cursor

Image width & height, X & Y coordinates, RGB component values at cursor, Hue at cursor

Image Window Controls

Un-do, Pressure damper, Caption, Rendering in Zoom in/ out state with auto-sync

Un-do, Pressure damper, Caption, Rendering in Zoom in/ out state with auto-sync

Un-do, Pressure damper, Caption, Rendering in Zoom in/ out state with auto-sync

Colors & Palettes Selection

69 Neural Net pre-configured palettes w/ dynamic parameterization based on TimeBrush RLC standard

69 Neural Net pre-configured palettes w/ dynamic parameterization based on TimeBrush RLC standard, Free Color Picker (RGB/ HSL)

69 Neural Net pre-configured palettes w/ dynamic parameterization based on TimeBrush RLC standard, Free Color Picker (RGB/ HSL), 'Clear' palette mode for use with 'Tuning' controls [see below]

Custom Palettes & RGB Tuning


Load & Use existing BlackMagic Custom Derivative Palettes [.bcp files]

Create, Load & Use existing BlackMagic Custom Derivative Palettes [.bcp files] Direct modification of Neural Net palettes through Red, Green, & Blue channel variation and saving the results as ".bcp" [BlackMagic Custom Palette] files




Modify gray-scale level for parts in the original image




Modify Dominant hue level in the final computed Color




Minimum system requirements to run BlackMagic :

  • Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista (or later) equipped PC w/ Keyboard, and hard-disk. Minimum 5 MB free space required by the program

  • High resolution pointing device such as a mouse, pen/ tablet, etc

  • Color Monitor + Graphics card capable of minimum 800 X 600 display at 16 bit, or for BE/ PE a fast Graphics sub-system capable of 1024 x 768 upwards resolution at 32/24 bit Color depth, and min. 32MB free video memory is suggested

  • Minimum 24MB free memory; 128MB+ free memory suggested for BE, or 500MB+ for PE. Actual memory required will also depend upon the size of the image

  • Hi Resolution Scanner [OPTIONAL] to scan photographs or negatives

  • Printer (optional) capable of Color photographic quality output.

Basically, any average Home PC or laptop computer should be sufficient to run Blackmagic.

* Though BlackMagic is technically supported on PC Windows, some users have reported using it on Mac OS using a bridging software to emulate Windows. If you wish to use BlackMagic on a Mac, the prudent thing to do is to try the free shareware version and see if it works under your emulation environment; if it does, then you can purchase a license.



free trial-download / updates

Please follow the steps below to download and try BlackMagic, or to get the latest program update.

The same program archive works for all BlackMagic Editions, including the Trial mode. Specific program versions are enabled based on the License KEY you purchase. The trial [shareware version] lets you trial most of the Professional Edition functionality. To compare features amongst different BlackMagic Editions please Click Here.

Download and installation instructions:

Step 1. Download the installer by following this link:

Step 2. Once the download completes, run the .exe file then follow prompts to complete installation.

Step 3. Find and run the "Blackmagic Program" in the program group you installed to.



Buy with confidence - online or over the phone using a major credit-card or PayPal - following a purchase link from the tables below will lead you to secure payment page. We partner only with leading e-commerce companies, so that your buying experience is safe and hassle-free.

Please proceed by selecting an appropriate "BUY-NOW" button link from the tables below.

Note: If a particular purchase link does not work, it may be down for maintenance - please use an alternate Point Of Sale from the tables below, or try after a while. If you continue experiencing difficulties, please e-mail For urgent purchase assistance, call +61 408 268762

 POS #1
PAYMENT METHODS On-line using a major credit card or Paypal account
DELIVERY METHOD Key delivered via e-mail, usually within 36 hours of payment confirmation.
Please select the BlackMagic Edition you wish to purchase from the following drop list (Click on the down arrow), then Click on Buy Now button to proceed.


EULA: BlackMagic use is subject to an End User License Agreement [EULA] - you may review the terms of this EULA by Clicking Here.

Privacy Policy: NeuralTek does not store or even 'see' the financial account information that you submit [such as credit card numbers] - these are encrypted following the highest encryption standards, then passed to the relevant banking institution for processing. NeuralTek only receives your order fulfilment details, and will only use this to contact you regarding product support, informing you of new updates/ products, etc. Specifically, NeuralTek will never sell or share any of this information with any third party; plus in all our mailings, you will have the option to discontinue receiving further communications. 

Refund Policy: Refunds are only provided under special circumstances, and upon NeuralTek's sole discretion. As a matter of general policy, we do not provide refunds once you have received your permanent License KEY [due to the nature of electronically delivered KEYs, we have no enforcement mechanism to get the 'sold goods' back]. With shareware such as BlackMagic, you have the opportunity to try the software features before deciding to purchase - that's perhaps the best GUARANTEE you can get for your  total satisfaction.     




For BlackMagic technical support, please e-mail

BlackMagic FAQ 


Why is there only one trial version, while BlackMagic is available in three flavors? Which program edition does the trial download relate to?

The BlackMagic free trial download is common to all the BlackMagic editions. The trial lets a user test most of the Professional Edition functionality - which automatically includes all features and functions of the Business and Home editions of the program. To compare features available in each of the program editions, please consult the Feature Comparison Table.

Do I have to download something again after buying BlackMagic?

The same program archive you downloaded (trial shareware version) will be enabled (un-locked) after you enter a valid license key. The license key is sent to you via e-mail once your payment has been authorized. This license key "knows" which program edition you purchased, and will 'un-lock' the corresponding functionality. You should however check the BlackMagic web site for new versions/ updates, and if a version later than the one you downloaded before is available, you could download the newer version and install over your existing installation - effectively updating your BlackMagic license.

If I previously trial'ed BlackMagic and ran out the entire trial period, can I re-trial a newer program version?

Most newer program versions (updates) re-set the trial; so the answer is yes - we would definitely like you to try any new features/ improvements. The only exception is if an update release does not introduce much over and above the previous release.

How do I un-install BlackMagic

Unlike some other programs, BlackMagic does not install files all over your computer, or in your system folders. Hence there is no need for special un-installer. To un-install, simply delete the folder where you installed BlackMagic (first making sure to backup any personal files/ data you may have in there), then delete the corresponding program group. Future releases may include an un-install program that does this automatically.

^^top of faq^^

What is your policy on Free Updates?

Effective 1 Dec 2003: Irrespective of the date of your purchase, or the release/ version you buy, you are entitled to free updates for a whole year from the date of your purchase.

Can I upgrade to a higher program edition, or a higher program (major) version?

Absolutely. For example, if you purchase the Home Edition, then later realize that you require the functionality of the Business Edition, you can upgrade to the higher edition by paying the price difference plus a small administration fee. Similarly, if you purchased version 2.5 Home Edition, and wish to upgrade to version 3.1 Home Edition or Business Edition, you can do this by paying a reasonable 'cross-upgrade' license fee. For the latest upgrade/ cross-grade options, please visit the BUY-NOW section.


Is there a tutorial or step-by-step guide to getting started using BlackMagic.

Yes. Please refer to the section 2.1 of the help docs which are included in each program archive.

Where can I find a complete reference of all the tools and functions in BlackMagic?

Section 3 of the help docs provides a complete reference of tools, palettes, and operations in BlackMagic.

Is Blackmagic compatible with Windows Vista?

Yes, release 2.85 onwards will work under Vista.


Do you have a question not addressed above? Please contact

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Earn top commission re-selling BlackMagic as an Affiliate - or earn even more by pre-purchasing licenses in bulk, then on-selling or bundling with OEM products. All you need, is a web-site with a fair volume of visitor traffic [or be willing to build and promote one], or alternately have access to other retail/ distribution means, basic understanding of e-commerce concepts, and be willing to conform with our highest standards of Customer Service.

Two ways for you to resell Blackmagic:

1. Join the BlackMagic Affiliate Sales Program at ClixGalore - click here - earn up to 20% per sale

2. Pre-purchase BlackMagic licenses and get up to 70% discount/ commission

We will provide you with a stored value key generator which will allow you to generate and issue license keys direct to your customers, or retail Blackmagic as a package/ OEM bundle - please refer to the discount table below:

Quantity Price per Unit
10 - 19 20%
20 - 39 25%
40 - 59 30%
60 - 99 35%
100 - 199 40%
200 - 499 45%
500 - 999 50%
1000 and above 60%
5000 and above 70%

Please contact

or call +61 408 268762 for Bulk licensing.



Postal Mail


26 Hepburn Rd, North Rocks,

NSW 2151 Australia


    +61 408 268762

    9:00am till 9:00pm, Sydney time (GMT + 10)


In relation to Press reviews/ Editorial requests, or business related matters including OEM, bundling, business alliance opportunities, volume discounts, etc., please email

For technical support, or product license keys, etc., please email




Dear customers,

If you are having problems contacting us or in getting a response to your e-mails, please note the following:

We respond to most e-mails within 24 hours. If you have not received a reply after 2 days, it is most likely because of your spam filter - turn it off please, and write back to us so we can get through. This is most common with customers using Yahoo mail.

Please send all support requests to and  always put the program name about which you are writing in the subject field.

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