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We welcome inquiries from members of the press, blog owners, product review sites, etc. to review and write about BlackMagic or other Neuraltek products.

Neuraltek products have consistently received raves from customers, as well as the press. By reviewing these products in editorials and discussions, you could expose your audience to unique and high quality software solutions that are much appreciated by thousands of very satisfied customers in more than 50 countries.

For evaluation keys, support, graphics, content, and any other assistance you might need, please contact by providing full details about yourself/ your publication, and the nature of your intended review. You may also contact by calling +61 408 268762 any day, 9am till 6pm Sydney time (GMT +10 hrs).

The table below references a selection of press reviews, editorials, customer raves, and awards for BlackMagic.

customer feedback press, reviews and editorials awards and ratings
"...just like scratching the surface (of a Black  White photo) to reveal the true Colors underneath..."
"...I am an instant fan (of BlackMagic) after having Colored some cherished family pics...a great source of entertainment..."
" truly is magic..."
"...very useful, very smart......could this be the most unique and original software I have come across? probably..."
"...every now and then comes a product that you could not imagine you'd ever need...but then you use it and wonder how you ever managed without it..."
"...thanks NeuralTek, for making using a computer fun again..."

We have received lots of rave reviews about BlackMagic; the ones cited above represent a cross-section of varying demographics. If you would like to contribute your review for possibly posting here, please e-mail with details on how you are using the software, and what you think about it. Please also indicate whether you wish to remain anonymous, or if we can post your contact information as potential reference for new users.

blackmagic / rlc technology has received raving reviews and featured in several renowned publications and trade events - including adobe photoshop  focus guide, pc utilities, computer arts, your family tree, the family history show 2004 london, film mart 2005  hong kong, ficci frames 2005 and several others


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Members of the press: please contact us for registration keys, graphics, etc., if you would like to review BlackMagic. We can offer your audience special deals and promotional discounts as a gesture of our appreciation.

Rated 4 Cows


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Rated 5-Stars at FileTransit
5Stars at Sofotex
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5Stars at HotShareware

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